The EU construction industry is challenged to boost innovation of SMEs (99% of companies) inside a traditional sector, to expand its value chain and integrate new dynamic industrial sectors. The European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) is joining efforts with 4 industrial sectors: ICT, Additive Manufacturing, Nature Based Solutions, and the Recycling industry, to underpin and fuel the emergence of new cross-sectoral, cross-border industrial value chains, delivering a metaclustering process to achieve critical mass and boost internationalisation. To reach Clusters and their SMEs in their business environment, METABUILDING (H2020, 2020-2023, under GA signature) will achieve a sustainable and expandable collaborative innovation ecosystem backed by an open innovation digital platform performing 6 main functions:

1) Cross-sectoral/border Digital Marketplace.
2) Interactive Knowledge Repository.
3) Industrial Commons database with technology assets from EU funded R&D.
4) Business Strategy resourcing.
5) Innovation Funding Scaling knowledge support.
6) Metaclustering Network Management.

METABUILDING will nurture, mentor and technically assist SMEs and implement several cascade funding mechanisms, achieve at least 140 cross-sectoral, cross-border challenge-based SME-led innovation ideas/projects coming from regional clusters in 6 target countries: Austria, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Hungary. Coordinated by an experienced construction sector RTO, NOBATEK/INEF4, METABUILDING will feature: 6 Metaclusters working with 4 EU level R&D roadmapping institutions (ECTP, AM Platform, EuRic and EFB) and 90 clusters with reach to more than 9000 SMEs; 3 National Technology Platforms, 1 national Construction Federation, 1 Industrial Association and 1 Business Network to build an EU level enlarged innovation Ecosystem and value chain with actors involved from across the innovation chain (from EU R&D platforms, RTOs/UNIs, funding bodies, to regionals SMEs) being supported in each country by an External Pool of technical and value chain resources.

Among other tasks, BE Commons will work on the Industrial Commons database contents and lead the Communication Work Package.