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Our Services

Counting on the extensive experience that BE Commons team has in R&D projects, coordination & management (including Horizon 2020 funded research), we provide focused consultancy expertise in collaborative construction environments bringing alternative participatory and integrated production and management methods to the building site and improving social acceptance by early stakeholder integration, to drive innovation from ideas to market-ready solutions, enabling innovators to grow.


Sustainable Architectural Services

Our experts can help architects, building owners, real estate managers, etc. to reduce energy use by exploring every possibility to position their projects, whether new build or refurbishment, at a higher level in the market and improving the quality of life of the residents/users by integrating the appropriate technologies, implement innovations and reduce on-site intervention time by fostering off-site construction.

  • Bio-climatic design & urban planning.
  • Energy efficient building & refurbishment.
  • Lean construction and Last Planner®
  • Integrated Design & Delivery Services (IDDS) consultancy
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Your innoation partner from ideation to implementation. No matter your level of experience: we have the tools, services and background to realize your innovation potential:
  • An excellent portfolio of EU R&D projects.
  • Services related to EU projects: proposal training and writing, project management software & helpdesk.
  • Innovation Partnering.
  • Desing Thinking services, market studies & business model development.

R&D Communication services

We offer specialized communication services designed for research and development (R&D) projects participating in European programs such as Horizon H2020 and Horizon Europe. Our services focus on effectively highlighting and disseminating the achievements and outcomes of your project, both nationally and internationally.
Our communication team works closely with your research team to:

  • Communication Strategy.
  • Content Creation.
  • Media Relations.
  • Event Promotion.
  • Online Presence.
  • Reporting and Evaluation.

Our goal is to ensure that your R&D project receives the recognition it deserves within the Horizon H2020 and Horizon Europe programs, contributing to its success and impact on a broader scale.


Sustainability Services

We can help your company to implement the right transformation strategy to face the challenges of climate change by finding the right EU funding for your building project, always considering the affected community interests, accompanying you on the path to a climate-neutral and sustainable city:

  • Energy efficiency, façades optimization, construction systems.
  • Circularity, recycling, design for disassembling to help reducing waste.
  • Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and ecological & nature-based wastewater systems consultancy.

Let’s work for a sustainable built environment

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