Built Environment Commons

What we are

Built Environment Commons (formerly Octopussy&Co since 2005) is a French private non-profit Innovation and Communication agency working to ensure the highest impact of Research and Development in the Built Environment industrial sector, striving to help new ideas going the long way to the market, while promoting and disseminating at the widest possible audiences. From an Open approach, BE Commons promotes the European values of innovation, creativity, sustainability and inclusiveness via scientific, and technological collaborative projects and providing services from our interdisciplinary ecosystem to our customers and partners, private or institutional.

What we do

BE Commons team members have extensive experience in R&D and project management (including Horizon 2020 funded research) in architecture, engineering, lean construction, design, valorisation and exploitation of research, scientific and commercial communication, event organisation, communication management, strategic marketing, renewable energies commercial development, product marketing and communication. In collaborative environments, BE Commons can participate bringing both technical capacity in the field of architecture, urban planning, construction, energy efficiency, engineering, circular economy, and exploitation and communication skills expertise


Our Approach

Our approach is that, similar to the traditional “commons” concept, e.g. land, water and air, considered as goods used in common, we can also think of “industrial commons” meaning R&D-derived knowledge, engineering and manufacturing supported with public funding as a tool to grow innovation for the benefit of all, implementing Open Innovation, Open Access, Open Data and Open Source driven approaches whenever and wherever possible. We therefore believe that Research and innovation (R&I) collaboration between skilled people, businesses and research institutions may lead to progress and welfare for Europe and beyond, while helping to solve crucial global problems like Climate change, where the Built Environment has a lot to improve, being responsible for roughly 40% of total greenhouse gases emissions. BE Commons aim is to contribute to that goal.

Our Horizon 2020 projects

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