Our knowledge and experience allow us to support, guide and lead the proper development of innovation projects and ensure their results reach all the targeted audiences via the right communication channels.

How we can help you.

R&D projects:

With over 15 years of experience participating in R&D and application projects at both national and European levels, the Be Commons team possesses a profound expertise in providing comprehensive support for R&D initiatives.


Main Specific Services:

  • Proposal Writing: We excel in crafting and leading Communication and Dissemination or Exploitation work packages. 
  • Project Communication Optimization: Ensuring effective communication throughout the project lifecycle to optimize the impact of Key Exploitable Results. Bringing forth the benefits of the Metabuilding platform. 
  • Integration of New European Bauhaus Approach: We ensure that your proposal/project incorporates the New European Bauhaus approach. Implementation in pilot sites, including development feedback loops in co-creation processes. 

Communication services: 

Having led R&D communication work packages for more than 6 years and having developed branding and communication solutions creatively to meet companies’ needs for over 17 years, the Be Commons team boasts profound expertise in communication support.


Main Specific Services:

  • Communication Strategy: Strategic planning to enhance project communication. 
  • Brand Identity: Crafting and maintaining a distinctive brand identity. 
  • Content Creation: Crafting engaging and impactful content. 
  • Event Promotion: Promoting project-related events to maximize reach. 
  • Online Presence: Designing and creating your website. Managing and enhancing the project’s online visibility. 

Circular Economy

Having actively participated in R&D and application projects at national and European levels for more than 15 years, the Be Commons staff possesses extensive expertise in Circular Economy concepts applied to the building sector.


Main Specific Services:

  • Synergy Creation: Analyzing and creating synergies between R&D project developments related to Circularity solutions/concepts and the building sector. 
  • Material Flow Optimization: Analyzing and organizing concrete synergies between industrial actors for material flows, including the use of recycled raw materials in building materials production and repurposing building wastes. 
  • Circularity Assessment: Evaluating the circularity level of building solutions. 
  • Design Support: Providing support for Design for Disassembly (DfD) and Design for Reuse (DfR) for building systems/products. 
  • Action Plan Development: Defining action plans (both direct actions and R&D) to improve the circularity of building products. 


We focus on environments
related to:

  • New European Bauhaus
  • Architectural and Sustainable Built Environment
  • Research and Development
  • Open Innovation projects
  • Recycling and circularity / circular economy