We are Built Environment Commons, a French private non-profit Innovation & Communication associative agency, working to ensure the highest impact of Research and Development results.


Our mission is driving innovation to the highest possible standards, by leveraging our expertise in, communication, dissemination and exploitation of R&D projects through strong partnerships.

Our drivers

We align ourselves with the fundamental values of the New European Bauhaus in the application of the  Green Deal and Fit for 55  directives for the built environment, which is why:

Explore the comprehensive support and expertise from our multidisciplinary team including architects, graphic designers, engineers, and economists, ready to work with you.

Germain Adell

Dip. Architect / Msc Urban Studies


Germain has more than 30 years of academic, research and practice experience in the fields of Sustainable Architecture & Urban planning, R&D in Construction Technologies, and Innovation Ecosystems. For 6 years, till end of 2023, he has been Deputy General Director of the French RTO NOBATEK/INEF4., while he was still coordinating several Horizon 2020 projects, like most recently Metabuilding and Metabuilding Labs. Now he has just been appointed General Director of the Metabuilding ASBL in Brussels, the single-entry point of the Metabuilding Labs Open Innovation Test Bed. Germain has also been very active at the Construction Sector’s EU advocacy level: he is a Steering Committee member of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) since 2015, while also working on its Built Environment Decarbonization Committee Executive Board. He also sits on the External Advisory Board of Construct Innovate, Ireland’s National Research Centre for Construction Technology & Innovation.

Alejandro Adell

Dip. Architect

Senior Project Manager

Alejandro is currently contributing to the Communication workload of the Metabuilding Labs Open Innovation Test Bed H2020 project. He has also been the Communication work package leader in the recently finished Metabuilding H2020 project. In both related projects he promoted an innovative communication approach in the context of innovation ecosystems, the cascade communication, involving multiple relays from different stages of the network (EU, national, regional and cluster levels). Before joining the team, Alejandro developed an extensive architectural practice as project designer and construction manager in Argentina, Chile and Spain, mainly adopting integrated project delivery methods. Later, he has specialized in strategic marketing, graphic design, packaging, and communication materials production, providing support on product development and brand marketing, keeping constant public relations tracking with mass media, generating news and media communication online & offline.

Benjamin Laclau

Senior Building Engineer / Circular Economist Expert

Project Manager

Benjamin is a senior building engineer who has dedicated 18 years of his career to the building sector’s transition toward a circular economy. As the head of the Construction Systems and Materials team and coordinator of Circular Economy activities at the French RTO Nobatek/INEF4 until 2023, Benjamin has participated in numerous national and European R&D projects, including VEEP, Rewastee, DigitalDeconstruction, INFINITE, Build’Up Speed, etc. His focus has been on C&D recycling, reuse, design for disassembly, industrial and territorial symbiosis. He led the first French national project (BAZED) on Zero Waste Design, establishing himself as an influential expert in France with many synergies in Europe. Since 2023, Benjamin divides his time between the board of his startup focused on wood off-site building construction and his role as a project manager at Be Commons, where he continues to contribute to circular economy R&D.

Yael Ventura

Art Director

Project Officer

Yael is a senior graphic designer and publicist graduate of the University of Palermo, in Buenos Aires. She has a background in branding communication and specializes in digital marketing. She was the founder of a graphic design studio where she developed integral branding and communication strategies for brands. Her role as a creative director leading work teams from different areas to solve challenges. She has always been interested in and committed to sustainability, innovation, and collaborative environments, for that reason she has specialized in working with brands with purposes for the last 10 years. Currently, she is working on the development of the Metabuilding platform and the EU Project Metabuilding Labs giving support to the communication team. As a Product Officer at Be Commons, she oversees the improvements and digital innovation to communicate and disseminate EU Research Projects.

Asier Hernández

Asier joined the team after a successful experience in the Innovation & Technology Transfer Department at the French RTO Nobatek/INEF4, where he provided support in Exploitation, Management and Communication activities in several Horizon 2020 projects (Nature4Cities, HyBuild, Geofit and Metabuilding). He notably helped the technical project managers in the definition of Key Exploitable Results and the elaboration of suitable business models. Ha also worked in finding new overseas markets for innovations in sustainable sanitation (from Innoqua Horizon 2020 project). Before reaching Europe, he was Chief Operating Officer in a family-run SME in the construction sector in Buenos Aires.

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