Be Commons is committed to participate in European collaborative projects that are aligned with sustainability and innovation, bringing these values to all organisations and companies of the built environment sector, positioning them on the European R&D scene.




A 3-year Horizon 2020 project that provided direct financial and non-financial support to 152 SMEs coming from the Construction, Additive Manufacturing, Nature-Based Solutions, Digital and the Circularity & Recycling industrial sectors working in built environment related innovations. The project implemented a cascade funding mechanism, and started an EU scale innovation ecosystem, stimulating cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration, through a dedicated Open Innovation Digital Platform.

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A 4-year Horizon 2020 project providing a BIM-based Digital Twin Platform to optimise the building lifecycle, increasing co-design and collaboration among stakeholders, and helping significantly in decision-making to reduce inefficiencies and construction costs, and at the same time, improving energy efficiency in residential buildings.

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A 5-year Horizon 2020 project setting up the Metabuilding Labs OITB (Open Innovation Test Bed) that will provide easy access via a single-entry point, to a wide network of high value testing facilities and innovation services, allowing companies from the Construction sector to develop and test innovative and sustainable building envelope solutions, improving competitiveness and boosting their market impact.

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A 4-year Horizon 2020 project to help appliances become truly sustainable, making the information easily accessed and shared along the life of a product, from concept to retirement, providing a circular product chain of custody. An open-source software platform will enable digital exchanges of data, allowing to make decisions at all product lifecycle stages and increasing the appliance lifespan.

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