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Our main goal is to generate, drive, and enable innovation
and sustainability
for all.

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We promote the European values of innovation, creativity, sustainability, and inclusiveness via scientific, and technological collaborative projects and providing innovation & communication services from our interdisciplinary team.

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We foster the creation of communities among project partners and external stakeholders to expand and disseminate ideas, knowledge, and opportunities.

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We link the field of R&D to everyday life, enabling access to innovation, its application and dissemination to the wider construction sector and beyond.

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We contribute our expertise in communication and corporate advisory services for R&D projects, in accordance with the expectations and guidelines of the European Commission.

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We align ourselves with the fundamental values of the New European Bauhaus in the application of the Green Deal and Fit for 55 directives for the Built Environment.

Contributing to and facilitating innovation from research and development based on a holistic view of the Built Environment. We help new ideas travel the long path to market.

Be Beautiful

Be Sustainable

Be Inclusive

We believe that one way to face our urgent global challenges, as climate change, is by facilitating access to innovation for everyone, while enhancing the impact of R&D by widely communicating its results.

 Germain Adell, President

Our multidisciplinary team will bring your projects
to life.

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